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DC12V/24V 200W 250W led driver for led strip lights
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Brand: 7C
Working Voltage: AC85-265V
Output Voltage: DC12/24V
Power: 200W/250W
Unit Price: 22.00USD/
MOQ: 1
Capacity: 1000
Delivery Time: 3 days after deposite
Detailed info
DC12V/24V 200W 250W led driver, led power supply for led strip lights is made from aluminum case, double copper PCB, and sealed with silicone glue. It is featured with good waterproof rating,nice ventilations,high perforance effections.
It is widely used in outdoor landscape lighting.You can install them under the bridges,gardens or the roof of the building.But you can not dive this kind of IP67 led power supply into the water.


2.2.1. Rated output power 200W/250W

2..2.2 Output current:16.5a/20.8A

Output current range 0A-16.5A;

Output constant voltage range (CC = 16.5A test) 12V ± 0.5V

2.2.3 Output voltage ripple

Vp-p MAX < 300mV

3.2. Pin Definition

3.2.1. Input and output wiring terminals

Enter the three core black line, 300mm, 0.75m㎡

Brown line: L

Blue line: N

Yellow-green line: ground

Output white two core wire, 300mm, 0.75m㎡, two wires in parallel.

Blue wire: connected to LED negative

Brown wire: connected to LED positive

4. Environmental characteristics

4.1. Temperature and humidity

Operating temperature range: -25 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃

Storage temperature range: -40 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃

Operating humidity: 30% ~ 100% relative humidity (non-condensing)

4.2. Electromagnetic Interference

5. Test method

5.1. Reliability


When working at rated load and ambient temperature is 25 ° C, the theoretical average time of failure of this constant voltage power supply is 10,000 hours, and the average time of failure of actual life test exceeds 10,000 hours.


6. Protection

6.1. Temperature protection: 85 degree protection is set inside the product, and it will recover automatically when the temperature drops.

6.2. Over-voltage protection: When the product fails, the output voltage reaches 130% of the rated voltage, the internal components of the product breakdown, and there is no output, thereby protecting the safety of external equipment.

6.3. Short-circuit protection: When the output is short-circuited, the product will perform protection and isolation mode, and the average input power is less than 20W.

6.4. Overcurrent protection: When the current reaches 10A-12.5A, the product protection has no output.

7. Safety regulations

7.1 Withstand voltage

Input to output: AC1500V 60S

Input to ground (shell): AC1500V 60S


7.2 Insulation resistance

Input to output: greater than 20MΩ

Input to ground (shell): greater than 20MΩ

9. Matters needing attention

9.1. It should be easy to dissipate heat during installation and should not be installed near the heat source;

9.2. Avoid working under abnormal conditions for a long time, such as overload, short circuit, work in the non-operating voltage range, etc .;

9.3. When installing and using, please note that the working voltage of the lamp should be consistent with the output voltage of the power supply, and the working current of the lamp cannot exceed the rated maximum output current of the power supply;

9.4. Wiring connections must be firm and reliable, and insulated to prevent leakage.
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